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About Me:
Steve has over 20 years of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. He has developed and marketed multiple nutritional products that have gone on to sell in the millions. He is a published author who has over 100 articles published in print and online. His original research has been cited in reference materials for educational purposes. Among his media appearances are as a recurring guest on the syndicated radio show Let’s Talk Nutrition with Dr. Michael Garko, a feature on The Super Strength Show with Ray Toulany and has been flown to Paramount Studios in Los Angeles to appear on the NBC Daytime TV show The Doctors as an expert guest on the dangers of medicinal diuretics for the purpose of weight loss. He has worked with hundreds of athletes and fitness enthusiasts for physique competitions, athletic performance, and general health and wellness. He possesses a Bachelor of Science in Finance and also a Masters in Business from the University of Florida; where he graduated Cum Laude.
Summer 2015 Diet/Training/Contest Prep  Seminar and Team Meeting
Llink to interview on the Super Strength Show with Ray Toulany: 
My Story:

I first took an interest in building muscle at the age of 12 when some friends had a weight bench in their basement and I tried it for the first time. Seeing how much stronger they were than me, I immediately wanted what they had. I started working out at my house, then joined a Gold’s Gym for the first time at age 14. First my brother, then my mom would drive me up to the gym as it was too far to ride my bike and I couldn’t yet drive. I got stronger, but didn’t really get serious about my training until around my 17th birthday. Around that time, I took on a workout partner who he and I had an all business relationship; in that we didn’t have much to talk about, so we just lifted. In the one month we trained together seriously, I gained about four pounds and could see that my body had changed for the better. He soon after fell off, but I was hooked. I became fascinated with what had happened to me and wanted more. I continued harder and harder (as I look back, I did a lot of things wrong). But I had the core values of improvement intact (which I still preach today), without my knowledge; consistency, intensity, and progression. In a period of nine months, I managed to go from 140 to 192 pounds, and my bench press went from about 225 pounds for one repetition to 315 pounds for six repetitions. My results were staggering to everyone around me, and I loved the attention and acclaim I was getting from my success, and my interest in how the body worked grew and grew. At this time, I wasn’t reading a lot of bodybuilding books and magazines but rather, was learning everything on my own by seeing how my body responded. It is this learning experience that I am most thankful for of all. I didn’t have other peoples ideas and strategies to distract me, I just did it all on my own and became my own lab rat. There is no learning quite like figuring it out for yourself. You may learn quicker from other people, but to fully understand and comprehend every intricacy of a process, you must do every step to its fullest and absorb it all through trial and error. Understand what works and why, as well as what doesn’t work, and why not.


         For the next several years I continued my feverish pace and relentless desire to grow and improve, getting to 250 pounds by the age of 19. I had gained 110 pounds in 30 months. Almost a pound a week for 2.5 years straight, and I still had abs! As a sidebar to my success, I became the go to guy for others trying to gain muscle to ask for advice. I didn’t really know what to tell them, I could only share what I was doing, and that was hard work, consistency, and the attitude of forced results. That is, there was no upper limit to anything, the goal was to grow, and if that wasn’t happening, something was going to change immediately! At this point I had really filled out my frame and begin to see my strength come on faster than my size and I achieved a 500+ pound bench press and 700+ pound squat as my best lifts.


         I begin working full time in Nutrition in 2004 as a marketing manager for a company that produced several hundred nutritional products and my learning curve began to skyrocket. I was fascinated by how every nutrient worked and interacted in the body and found myself spending much of my day researching and learning everything about nutrition and how the body worked (often more for my own personal edification than for my job!). I few years later I accepted a position with another company that allowed me to develop my own nutritional products, requiring even more research, meeting and consulting with scientists and nutritionists, and being on the forefront of the latest and greatest research and ingredients. This was an amazing experience and I was successful, then soon after I was recruited away from this position to a larger company and a position of higher authority as a team leader and new product development manager, now with a focus on athletic performance and sports nutrition. On my product development team were medical doctors, PhD’s, scientists as well as Olympic Athletes with whom we had regular meetings to discuss research and performance.


      I then begin to share my knowledge of the body with others and started working with athletes, fitness enthusiasts and physique competitors to improve their bodies, performance and health and began writing original articles for print and online publications. In the past several years I have been fortunate enough to have over 100 of my articles published across multiple publications and have been interviewed and called on as a guest by the media for multiple nutrition, health and physique topics. I have worked with hundreds of people from competitive athletes, bodybuilders, physique/figure/bikini competitors, and other fitness enthusiasts. Working with others with a hands on approach and researching and understanding how their bodies have reacted to various protocols has been my greatest learning experience to date. I continue to write articles, research health and nutrition, work in the nutritional supplement industry and work with others who seek to improve their health, performance and compete.


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