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The less cardio you do, the better you will look

When we think fat loss, we think reduce diet and do cardio...BUT.....Did you know that your body can only pull energy from fat so quickly? (and this rate reduces the lower we go in body fat %) If we exceed this rate by doing intense cardio...we are very likely to burn muscle for energy....While cardio may be great for us when we are at 20% body fat, as there is an abundance of fat to pull from for energy, once we get sub 10%, it would serve us better to do NO cardio.

Getting lean with as little cardio as possible will have you looking your best

With that said, it is not so much HOW MANY calories you burn during a day versus how many you eat that determines fat loss, that more so determines weight loss....Rather, it is the amount of time we spend being glycogen depleted during a 24 hour period..We must spend longer periods of time in a low energy usage state to continually pull from fat without cannibalizing our muscle tissue.....

For many of us with faster metabolism, simply being glycogen depleted and sitting around is perfect for ensuring you pull primarily from fat and not muscle, while others may NEED cardio to make up for a slower metabolism....In my experience, those who require cardio to get lean simply will not stay as full and preserve as much muscle as those who can get lean with little to no cardio. With that said, the less cardio you can do and still get lean, the better you will look....

So cardio is to be used as a nuclear solution to fat loss, and not as a first responder to lose fat...You will hold more muscle this way..On top of that, it has been proven scientifically that weight training will preserve more muscle while on a restricted diet...So before you do more more weight training...

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